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You've been assigned a home care package. What next?

18th February 2019

Congratulations, if you've received your home care package assignment letter, you are not far from receiving government funded home care. You have 56 days from the date of this letter to choose a home care service provider like Benetas.

Select your circumstance below to discover what to do next.

(a) You haven’t chosen a service provider:

It is important that you select a service provider within the 56 day time frame to avoid missing out on your package.

If you are having difficulty choosing or are running out of time, you can apply for a 28 day extension through My Aged Care.

If you are unsure, meet with Benetas or contact our customer centre on 1300 23 63 82 and we can quickly set up your services and prepare your home care package before the 56 days are up.

(b) You’ve chosen your provider:

Your My Aged Care letter will have a unique referral code which you should present to your chosen service provider along with your income assessment results.

Your provider will then be able to sit down with you and plan out your services and organise when your services can commence.

Benetas Home Care Team Leader Michelle Tregillis says, "Although the journey to a home care package can be lengthy, the positive outcomes make it all worthwhile.”

(c) Your package is below the level you’ve been approved for:

This is to make government funded home care accessible to you whilst you remain on the national wait list for your approved level to become available. You have two options here:

  • You can use this package whilst you wait
  • You can also add personal funds to your government funded home care to receive the services you require with no wait times

To learn more:

  • Download our infographic to see a step-by-step guide to getting a home care package
  • Use the Benetas calculator to see services your funding can cover
  • For free support and advice call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82 or contact us online.
  • If you are thinking about home care, please also get some advice from a doctor, or other medical professional.

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