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Retirement Living Code of Conduct

Benetas has made the commitment to uphold the Retirement Living Code of Conduct and ensure high standards across all of our Villages.


The Code of Conduct at Benetas

Benetas is pleased to be a signatory to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct, a voluntary industry code for Retirement Communities across Australia.

The Retirement Living Code of Conduct is a commitment to high standards and exceeding the expectations of residents. At Benetas we are committed to building and supporting communities where residents can have their say and contribute ideas, feel comfortable enough to provide candid feedback and be able to enjoy themselves in the lifestyle and community that they have helped to shape.

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Objectives of the Code of Conduct

The Retirement Living Code of Conduct is committed to the following objectives;

1. Promote and protect the interests of current and future residents;

2. Help implement regulation in a way that creates high and consistent standards regarding the marketing, sales and operation of Retirement Communities;

3. Promote trust and confidence in the sector;

4. Provide a framework to assist open, transparent and efficient resolution of complaints by residents;

5. Provide industry leadership to promote effective self-regulation that complements and builds on existing regulatory arrangements.

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Retirement Living Code of Conduct