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What you need to know about admissions and moving into residential aged care

13th November 2020

Starting a new chapter in life is best done by finding an aged care home that’s committed to ensuring the process is easy, helpful and straightforward for everybody involved.

That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to inform you of what to expect when transitioning into residential aged care.

1. Aged care assessment

Moving into residential aged care is not about sacrificing your individuality or the things you love.

To help with this, My Aged Care, the Australian government portal for aged care services, will arrange a personalised assessment through your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to really understand who you are, the care you require and the social preferences you have.

Following your evaluation, you will receive a referral code that gives us access to your assessment.

By doing this, we’ll be able to identify locations (and rooms) that match your preference and suit your circumstances.

You can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or ask your doctor to refer you.

2. Helping you find a home

Finding a new home is about finding a place that “feels right”: new home, same you.

That’s why we suggest you list down what matters to you most (e.g. a home near your family, a peaceful facility, affordable prices, etc).

This gives you the confidence to know you’re making a decision that benefits you. After narrowing down your choices, it’s a great idea to book a tour of these facilities to assess whether they meet your expectations.

The first sign of a good aged care home is friendly, welcoming staff and in a recent survey, our customers overwhelmingly said that our staff were easy to talk to, reassuring, and genuinely caring.

Please reach out to us as we’re happy to provide you with information that will help make an informed decision about our facilities.

3. Understanding the cost of aged care

The costs of residential aged care is something that needs to be factored in so you know how much you’ll be paying and what you’re paying for.

Undertaking an income and assets assessment will determine the cost of your potential aged care facility and the services that come with it. Furthermore, it determines your eligibility for a government subsidy, which Benetas supports across 13 different locations.

Your chosen facility will have several payment options that we can help you calculate:

  • Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)
  • Daily accommodation payment (DAP)
  • Both RAD and DAP

We don’t deny care from those who need it and are willing to support you to learn more about the costs of aged care and how to find the best payment option for you.

4. Applying for residential care

After choosing the right aged care home for you and having accurate knowledge of how much it’s going to cost, the next step is to apply.

There are many things to consider at this point: like your aged care assessment, application forms and legal documentation (such as power of attorney).

While compiling all of this information might seem daunting, we’ll continue to help and support you throughout the entire process by providing our expertise where possible.

5. Signing an agreement

Before admission into one of our facilities, a legally binding agreement must be signed. To ensure you understand this agreement before you sign it, we’re happy to provide a sample copy for your reference.

This agreement will include security of tenure, your financial responsibilities, and our responsibilities to you as your provider.

It’s important to have clarity about your new home. We encourage you to ask questions and gather as much information as you need to feel confident with your decision.

6. Moving into your new home

Moving into any new home is an emotional experience, and moving into aged care is no different. That’s why family members are welcome to help you settle into our homes, if required.

We also allow you to personalise your room to make it a place that’s warm and inviting.

To help you socialise and make new friends we regularly host activities you can join, along with offering you pastoral care if needed.

Benetas facilities are staffed by an experienced and supportive team who will care for you as you begin the next chapter of your life.

Contact our Customer Centre on 1300 23 62 82 to book a tour of one of our residential aged care homes.