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Visiting your loved one at a Benetas home this Christmas

21st December 2020

We are pleased to support our aged care residents and their families to connect with their loved ones over Christmas after the long year that’s been.

Our Visitor Access Program continues to have a number of protocols in place to ensure that residents’ emotional connection and wellbeing is balanced with the ongoing health and safety requirements during a COVID-19 environment.

With a deep commitment to the holistic wellbeing of those in our care, we recognise the central importance of face to face connection and contact with family and friends, particularly during the Christmas period. As such we are working hard to do everything that we can to facilitate this to the best of our team’s ability.

The protocols in place are designed to support our teams to effectively screen all visitors, ensure that our homes comply with ongoing density requirements, and enable the appropriate use of PPE to promote good infection and prevention control in our homes.

Make a booking to visit your loved one

If you would like to visit a loved one over the festive season, please make sure to book online using our new visitor booking and screening system, Zipline at We are particularly pleased to welcome children back to our homes and see residents reconnect with their grandchildren and great grandchildren during this festive season.

Where possible, we will support visits to communal areas for shared dining or assisted eating, however we need to do so in line with density requirements. Our team will help to monitor density in communal spaces and may request that you relocate your visit to a resident’s room if the communal space is already at capacity.

Contact the Residential Manager of your home for alternative arrangements

If you require a larger number of visitors than what is permitted in a resident’s room, please make sure to contact the Residential Manager of the home directly to book an outdoor space or an alternative meeting or dining room option. Residents are also welcome to join your social or family event.

To arrange this or any other requirements that lie outside our Visitor Access Program, please make sure to contact the Residential Manager of the home, and they will support you wherever possible.

If you have any further questions, please review the FAQs and details of our Visitor Access Program or contact

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful festive season!