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Enid's Story

31st May 2017

Enid loved living on the Gold Coast, she had an easy lifestyle and one that she enjoyed immensely. Being able to socialise all year round with her friends in the nice warm weather was a real treat, especially after years of living in Melbourne.

However as Enid was almost 90, she started thinking about her living arrangements. She wanted to be closer to her children and grandchildren and to maintain her social life. She also wanted to make sure that all of her health care needs were taken care of.

Enid phoned her son and they talked about the different options available, including aged care homes. After Enid hung up the phone, she started thinking about all they had discussed. She decided an aged care home was right for her.

Enid then made the move from the Gold Coast back down to Victoria. Looking at six aged care homes in total, all were close to her family. One of the homes she looked at was a Benetas home, and immediately Enid felt at home.

‘The rooms were nice and spacious, the meals and layout of the home, everything about it made me feel comfortable. I instantly knew I would feel safe and secure within the Benetas community.’

Since moving into a Benetas aged care home at the start of 2017, Enid has been able to continue with her love of music, she keeps up to date with her friends on the Gold Coast via email and text messages, and enjoys spending more time with her family. ‘I am still able to have choices in all aspects of my life’.