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Leading aged care provider Benetas wins prestigious state marketing award

24th October 2018

Leading aged care provider Benetas was recently night announced as the Victorian winner of the Australian Marketing Industry Award for Marketing Communications: B2C and B2B.

Earlier this year, Benetas was named as a national and state finalist for the prestigious award in the Marketing Communications: Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business category for its entry ‘Benetas takes on the consumer market’.

The entry addresses the increasing pressure the aged care sector faces since the industry-wide move from Government, now placing aged care funding in the hands of the consumer. This has enforced a paradigm shift in the thinking of providers from a Business-to-Government stakeholder model to a Business-to-Consumer marketing model.

For Benetas to prosper under these changed circumstances, a shift from an internal focus to an external customer focus needed to happen. To future proof business, Benetas needed to implement an integrated marketing communications strategy that redefined its customers; built customer channel infrastructure and created new processes which ensure that the customer responsiveness is at the heart. The core of the Benetas strategy was ‘to cultivate, find, attract, convert and keep the Benetas customer’. A comprehensive strategy was devised to change the corporate culture and attitude towards a more customer journey focus, with a specific emphasis on the future customer.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM praised the Benetas Customer, Innovation and Marketing team.

“This change in strategy was integral in turning around the focus of the business to the customer by developing the Future Customer Strategy, an integrated marketing communications plan that redefined the Benetas brand, its customers, customer infrastructure and processes which serve our current and future customers.”

Nicola Reynolds, General Manager for Customer Innovation and Marketing explained that at the heart of this plan was a comprehensive strategic B2C communications strategy designed to build the customer pipeline.

“The overall communication objective was to cultivate, find, attract, convert and keep the Benetas customer,” she said.

“Benetas has implemented a brand strategy framework to guide communications, this has resulted in a signigficant lift in the awareness of Benetas and its services, a direct impact of brand awareness advertising, and reworked our customer communication channels, created digital marketing compatibly and built robust market and customer data reporting to ensure we put our effort and resources where we get the best return for the customer – and the business..”

“Benetas is honoured to be awarded this prestigious award.”

The annual AMI Awards receives hundreds of entries from all sectors for awards in 26 categories, judged by senior marketing professionals from across Australia.