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Royal Commission into Aged Care announced

17th September 2018

Benetas supports any move by Government to give older Australians the care, respect and support they need. But, as a provider that constantly strives for better quality outcomes for our residents and customers, we feel it is a shame that the sector is now at this point.

In the last two years, over 15 Government inquiries have been held into different aspects of the aged care system. And while a lot of work has been done, it’s frustrating the sector and Government have failed to address the concerns that continue to arise for residents and families.

The recently announced Royal Commission into Aged Care demonstrates the Government is taking aged care seriously, and we welcome this. Mistreatment of the elderly, indeed mistreatment of anyone, is unconscionable. However, in light of the myriad of reviews to date, we’re asking whether or not the Royal Commission will achieve the outcomes sought. Will it achieve clarity on how older Australians can be confident they will receive the quality of care they deserve and address funding sustainability once and for all? Will it determine how we, as a society, can alleviate the concerns that residents and families continue to raise?

I urge the Government to continue implementing strategies to assist the sector in providing the best quality of care as the Royal Commission is conducted. We cannot wait until the completion of the Royal Commission for action to be taken.