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Your home care package is available in 90 days. What next?

23rd January 2019

You've received a letter from My Aged Care, your home care package will be available in 90 days. What happens next?

This can be a confusing time, Benetas Home Care Team Leader Kim Wallmeyer explained.

"When people receive their My Aged Care letter telling them they’ve been assigned a home care package and to contact a provider, they may not be sure what to do next.”

If you’ve received this letter, it’s time to start setting up your services. You’ve made it through the national waiting list (congratulations!) and your funds will be available in approximately 90 days.

Within these 90 days you will need to take a couple of actions to ensure you get access to your home care package. Follow our simple guide below.

1. Complete a Government income assessment

You are required to complete a government income assessment to work out whether you will need to make personal contributions to your home care package. These contributions are called an ‘income tested care fee.’

This assessment can be completed online and assistance is available from My Aged Care or from a service provider like Benetas. Find out more here.

2. Discuss services suitable for you with providers like Benetas

After receiving your letter, you should begin to talk with providers like Benetas about how their services can support your preferred home living experience.

Benetas can visit you in your home to chat with you about your options.

Benetas also has a specialised call centre for your inquiries. You can speak to the team about the options and services available to you on 1300 23 63 82. Alternatively, contact us online.

No longer need a home care package?

If your circumstances have changed or you feel like you need more time to make decisions, you can opt out of your home care package, whilst retaining your priority place in the national waiting list.

What happens next?

After approximately 90 days, you will receive another letter to let you know you now have access to your home care package. You will then have 56 days to enter into an arrangement with a home care service provider like Benetas.

To learn more:

For free support and advice call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82 or contact us online.

If you are thinking about home care, please also get some advice from a doctor, or other medical professional.


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