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23rd November 2020

After many months in tight lockdown, 84 year old Margaret Kruse ventured out for her first outing with In-Home Service Assistant Wallie Leung this month for fish and chips and shopping together.

"Long live freedom," she said as she looks forward to enjoying more fresh air and engagements with her three sons and their partners again in the weeks to come.

"I stopped going out in April when this began," Mrs Kruse said. "There was a reprieve for a few weeks, but then there was the second lockdown where I only went out for doctors or physio appointments."

Since the restrictions have eased, Mrs Kruse has had visits from all three sons, two of whom were past the 15 km radius for travel and were pleased to visit within days to share in each others company over none-other-than fish and chips.

"They knew I was safe, but it's nice to get out again, and back to shopping."

Longstanding Benetas In-Home Service Assistant, Wallie, has been providing Home Care support to Mrs Kruse for over four years and continued to be a consistent point of contact for her each Thursday throughout this period.

He's more like a friend and a good companion, Mrs Kruse said. "He comes on Thursday and we play Mahjong."

Asked whether he stands up to her skills as a dedicated Bridge player, and it seems she's met her match.

"He's Chinese, of course he's good!"

Wallie says it's been tough for many of his Home Care clients who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and have had to take far more precautions to stay safe amidst community transmission.

"I see five or six other clients regularly in the region who besides doctor or nurse visits, I may be the only face to face contact they've received that week."

"I spend about two to three hours with them. I do their shopping, and often talk about their families, my family and watch a few TV programs together."

"Ultimately, while it's been hard, they've gone well during this time and it's good to know they're safe."

With a full schedule prior to COVID-19, Mrs Kruse is aware it might not go back right away.

With Bridge at the local club on Monday, an informal few sessions of Bridge or Mahjong through the week, Marjong with Wallie on Thursday, and regular water aerobics at the local pool and Mrs Kruse has a strong social routine that has been heavily on hold.

"We mightn't go back to that right away, but it's certainly a good start."

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