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Benetas joins national coalition to tackle ageism across Australia

24th January 2020

With the commencement of the new year, leading Victorian aged care provider Benetas, are proud to join anti-ageism coalition, EveryAGE Counts, to help tackle ageism and build a more inclusive society.

Established by the Benevolent Society in 2018, the campaign is being led by a growing coalition of organisations who are working together to transform attitudes.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM said she is proud to be working with a powerful cross-section of organisations to take tangible steps forward in shifting the dial on discrimination towards older Australians.

Tackling ageism has never been so important

“The case for a major social change campaign to build a more inclusive society for people of all ages has never been so strong. Last year the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety unveiled countless cases of neglect and unfathomable mistreatment towards older Australians,” said Ms Hills.

“We applauded the Government’s introduction of the Charter of Aged Care Rights in June 2019, however, when it comes to safeguarding the wellbeing of older generations, legislation on its own doesn’t go far enough.

“The Department of Health’s leading report, A Matter of Care, is now guiding aged care’s workforce strategy, and has in fact highlighted the need to transform current community attitudes towards ageing as its first and foremost priority.”

Cross-sector support required

Ms Hills said that while this remains a top priority for Benetas, it’s not something that the sector can do alone.

“When it comes to shifting common perceptions of older people in our society, we need to break down silos and work together across all bodies who share the vision of a more inclusive Australia.

“The fact is, how we treat our elderly and most vulnerable, falls to the heart of how we measure up as a society. And at the moment, there is still a great deal of work to be done.”

Take the pledge

EveryAGE Counts encourages Australians to take the pledge against ageism, with resources available that are designed to raise awareness of what ageism is and how it affects so many older people.

“Benetas launched its Be Yourself campaign in 2018 and have been prioritising efforts to share the very real and individual experiences of older people.

“It’s important that we start exposing people to the stories of older Australians from diverse backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations. All of whom come with individual passions and expressions of service in our community.”

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