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Aged Care or Can I Still Manage at Home?

10th January 2019

As you or your loved ones get older, living a safe and comfortable life at home can seem increasingly difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

People’s concerns about aged care often revolve around balancing independence with safety and health, and providers have addressed these issues with their service offerings.

With the focus on keeping people at home for as long as possible, an array of services are available to help you or your loved one stay there.

How do I know if I should stay at home or consider residential care?

Residential aged care is a fantastic option when you or your loved one needs a greater level of assistance than what can be provided at home.

Until that time comes, many people prefer to stay in their own house. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision you and your family need to make, possibly with the help of your doctor and other health professionals.

Where do I start?

There is a process to follow that starts you on the pathway to in-home care or residential aged care. A visit to the My Aged Care website will show you that this starts with an assessment.

Home support assessments are provided by a representative from a Regional Assessment Service (RAS). They will arrange a time to visit you to talk about your current situation and needs. The assessor can approve you for services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, to help you remain at home and participate in your community.

If the assessor feels you need a higher level of care, they may refer you for a comprehensive assessment with someone from an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). An ACAT assessment is also necessary for accessing home care packages.

What services are available at home?

The RAS assessor will help you arrange a plan of care based on your strengths, difficulties, goals and service preferences. This plan will include the services that will best help you or your loved one and whether the services will be ongoing or short-term.

The assessor can make a referral to a service provider for you, including to your provider of choice.

Benetas offers a range of home care services, including:

  • Personal care – dedicated carers can help you or your loved one with personal tasks such as showering, dressing, grooming and toileting.
  • Household tasks – if looking after your home is getting harder, Benetas can take care of things like washing, ironing, gardening, cleaning and vacuuming – or whatever you need done around your home.
  • Nursing – maybe you are recovering from an operation, or need help with looking after a wound, monitoring blood pressure or managing diabetes. The help of a caring nurse around the house can make a huge difference.
  • Shopping – is getting to the shops becoming difficult for you or your loved one? A Benetas carer can either come along or do the shopping for you, including carrying and unpacking the groceries back at home.
  • Meal preparation – for many older people, preparing nutritious meals becomes harder. This can lead to a negative spiral of poor nutrition and worsening health. Benetas Home Care can help plan and prepare healthy home-cooked meals for you, including catering for special dietary needs.
  • Aids and equipment – perhaps you or your loved one could benefit from supportive aids. Things like mobility aids, arthritis-friendly cutlery and grab rails in the bathroom and toilet can make life at home safer and easier. Benetas can help organise these through a government funded package.
  • Social support – this may be an organised group activity, or simply a chat over a cup of tea. Social connection has been shown to have many positive health benefits.
  • Transport – when you or your loved one has an appointment or event, Benetas can provide the transport you need to get you from A to B.

These simple things can all add up to maintaining a comfortable life at home.

To find out more about how the dedicated and caring team from Benetas can help you or your loved one stay safe and well at home, give Benetas a call on 1300 23 63 82.