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Dalkeith Heights Retirement Living: for a confident and independent lifestyle

26th November 2020

Moving into retirement living is a lot like buying your first home in your earlier years. It’s a new chapter filled with optimism for the life that you want.

Of course, it’s not entirely the same as before - this time you’ve retired from work, your children have flown the nest, and you realise that you’re ready to live more independently, comfortably, and peacefully.

There’s a growing need for retirement living in Australia. That means more focus is now being given to the development of retirement living communities. Dalkeith Heights, for example, is a fully active retirement community which that Benetas is expanding, and St. John Rise is a brand new community that is currently in the development phase with construction expected to begin late 2020.

Robyn, Dalkeith Heights resident, says “Making the move to Dalkeith Heights was the best decision I’ve made. Moving here was easy, affordable, and life-changing — for the better!”

There are many benefits to retirement living, and here some of the most important to consider:

Joining a friendly community

Retirement living allows you to be social and active. This applies even amid the COVID environment where society as a whole has felt a sense of isolation.

“We have made new friends and have found an extended family, as the people and the staff here are friendly, caring and inclusive,” said Anne and Cheryl as they talked about moving into Dalkeith Heights.

Retirement living communities offer a lot of activities where you can develop and maintain social relationships, such as outings, games and crafts.

According to the Better Health Channel, positive relationships improve both physical and mental health.

Offering safety and peace of mind

Retirement homes are built with you in mind - its design and floor plans accommodate active adults with a low-maintenance lifestyle. You never have to worry about mowing the lawn, raking up leaves, or exerting a lot of physical effort to maintain the aesthetic and cleanliness of your home.

Benetas retirement communities also take care of basic home maintenance for you and ensure your security through measures like emergency alarms, and gates. Our communities are in safe locations, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home or possessions when you’re on holiday.

Keeping you happy and healthy

Apart from allowing you to maintain social relationships, retirement living communities keep you independent for longer by helping you stay physically active.

Retirement homes have convenient amenities that offer exercise equipment, fitness classes, and pools.

There are also health care services within these communities, like our home care office, where residents can seek help if needed. The accessibility of these services lessens the likelihood of needing to visit hospitals (although our communities are often located near them).

Supporting you in your later years

Benetas helps you at every stage - from retirement to aged care living.

Through our retirement living services, facilities, and amenities, you’ll live an independent, happy, and healthy life. But when the time comes to transition into higher care, you will have access to a home care provider through us.

Retirement living is a stage in life to look forward to. With Benetas, you can enjoy it safely while making new friends and remaining healthy.

“The village community is like a family which you can be a part of, and still do your own thing too. It was the best move we ever made.” - Thea, Dalkeith Heights.

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