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Our reflection three months on

9th June 2020

Last Friday marks three months since Benetas intensified efforts to protect the health and safety of our residents, clients and employees during COVID-19. The COVID-19 Management Team have been central to this work. Since its establishment on 5 March, it has overseen significant measures and continuous improvement practices to ensure our confidence in managing a COVID-19 response.

With a great number of policies and processes now in place, this phase has now come to a natural end. All actions from the COVID-19 Management Team have now been closed out and the final meeting held on 29 May. If however, we are informed of a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our community, the team will immediately reconvene to support and respond to the situation.

A great deal has been implemented over the past three months to reach this point, providing in turn an important opportunity for us to strengthen our processes and work practices across Benetas. Key efforts can be seen in the below:

  • 17 management meetings held (notwithstanding the numerous additional workshops, working groups, operational and executive team meetings which occurred)
  • Over 120 pieces of communication to employees, volunteers, clients, residents and families distributed
  • 12 weekly Board Director Update Reports
  • Improved processes and procedures and many new procedures and practices adopted
  • New working arrangements implemented, with skills and capacity substantially lifted in remote communications technology
  • Diligent infection prevention and control measures put in place, with all staff being trained again, an external review undertaken, and a highly successful influenza vaccination program completed
  • All Business Continuity Plans revised
  • All suspected cases within the Benetas community were diligently managed with no confirmed cases to date, and
  • Managed to stay on top of the volumes of new information from government and action these as required

We would like to acknowledge people’s willingness across the organisation to step up and do what was needed, particularly during the peak of the pandemic. There has been a genuine collaboration across the business and many have gone above and beyond (and are continuing to do so) to ensure all our residents, clients and employees are safe and we are well prepared to confidently respond.

The next phase:

COVID-19 is still very much on our doorstep and will continue to be for some time. As Benetas prepares for this next phase, we have established a “Plan Ahead” Team to take on the oversight and preparation to ensure business continuity over the medium term.

We continue to also seek out feedback from our Customer Panel and work to ensure that our residents, clients and employees are receiving the information and resources they need at all times to stay informed and supported during COVID-19 developments.

Further to this, we are capturing lessons learnt across the business, which will form a comprehensive report to be considered and acted on going forward. This is an important part of our organisation seeking avenues to continuously improve our capacity to serve those in our care to the best of our ability.

As always we thank you for your support during this challenging time, and we look forward to going forward with these new foundations in place.