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Dennis' Story

4th April 2017

Dennis, or “Doc” to friends and family, has been with Benetas Home Care for the past two years.

Living at home in Rosebud with his wife of 52 years, Val, and dog, Patch, he was referred to Benetas following an Aged Care Assessment.

As a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) client, Dennis, 75, is able to be proactive about ensuring he is receiving the right type of care for his needs. As a sufferer of Myositis, Home Care means Dennis can access the care he needs in the comfort of his own home.

Dennis says his client advisor Darienne has been an “absolute marvel” in responding to the services or equipment he needs.

“Darienne has had the biggest impact – she is one of the most caring people. She makes it easier to live with this disability, knowing you have got the support there,” said Dennis.

“Even though I don’t see her a lot, we are in regular contact. When you have the physical support and the equipment I’m provided with, it makes the world of difference.”

Benetas has provided access to occupational therapy, physiotherapy and massage for Dennis, as well as a special armchair and exercise machine to assist with his disability.

A carer from Benetas will drive the couple’s car with wheelchair access to ensure they can get to their appointments.

Dennis says that Benetas has helped deal with some “curveballs” in their life.

Power outages in Rosebud cause problems for Dennis and Val who rely on a range of electrical equipment including a bed and a wheelchair to assist at home.

After one incident, Dennis contacted Benetas who provided a generator to assist with electricity.

“I’ve only had it 12 months and I’ve had to use it six or seven times,” he says.

Val and Dennis’s property has a large garden, which the couple enjoys. By providing gardening services and window and gutter cleaning, Benetas helps make it easier for them to stay in the home they love.

Catering through Tender Loving Cuisine relieves Val of some of her caring responsibilities for Dennis.

When not at home, Dennis is an active member of the Rosebud community, travelling in his wheelchair across the golf course behind his house to visit the Rosebud Country Club where he is a member of the Social Committee.

Dennis also actively supports Victorian branch members of the Myositis Association of Australia.

“A lot of our members are not getting the services I get,” he says.

For Dennis, Benetas Home Care means he and Val can continue to live at home and enjoy the company of friends and family, many of whom live nearby.

Patch also gets to have his daily walk with Dennis. “Patch is a wonderful companion. At 3pm every day he’s at the door waiting for his walk,” said Dennis.

“We’re well looked after by Benetas.”