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Can you laugh without leaking?

15th June 2020

If not, you may be one of six million Australians who suffer from incontinence.

Continence Nurse, Janene Henthorn, said that while bladder issues are highly common in the community, they don’t have to be accepted as a normal part of life.

“Pelvic floor and bladder issues are too often perceived as a normal part of motherhood or ageing,” Janene said. “This is just not true. There’s so much that we can do to help manage and reduce these issues that so many of experience.”

As a registered nurse for some 30 years, Janene, has a great deal of passion for supporting people to feel confident and able to live their life fully “without leaking”.

“At times it can be as simple as addressing our diet. Tea, coffee and alcohol all aggravate the bladder and while weening off coffee is never ideal, trust me I get it, it can sometimes do just the trick.”

“We also have continence physios who help build the pelvic muscle strength that we need.”

“Many people who come in are familiar with the pelvic floor muscle exercises, but they’re often not practising them effectively to make a real difference.”

“Getting those muscles strong by practising core exercises each day is great for everyone, whether it be for future prevention or recovery.”

Janene emphasised how important it is to take action. “Bladder and bowel issues can affect so much of a person’s life!”

“It can affect whether a person feels confident enough to go for a run, or have dinner with friends,” she said. “It can also affect bigger life decisions. I’ve had clients in their 30’s unsure whether to conceive again due to the impact on continence.”

Her main point is to get in early. “The trick is, the quicker people seek out treatment the better. It’s about taking the action needed to feel confident to laugh again without leaking – whatever your age!”

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For more information about World Continence Week, 15 - 22 June 2020, click here to visit the Continence Foundation of Australia.


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