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Protecting those in our care this bush fire season

20th January 2020

A message from Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM on protecting older Victorians in our care this bush fire season.

We are incredibly proud of our teams and staff who have been working tirelessly to ensure that older people in our care are safe and protected this bush fire season.

Elderly people are at particular risk during extreme weather events with the high heat conditions and poor air quality exasperating health conditions for many older Victorians. Benetas has a wide range of services across Victoria including those in the bush fire prone areas of Bendigo, Gisborne and Gippsland.

A number of our staff and clients have been affected by the unprecedented fires and in cases we’ve had Home Care clients evacuated to safe places including to local hospitals.

Protecting those in our care

I’d like to thank the many teams working in these areas who have taken exceptional efforts to ensure that Benetas’ comprehensive bush fire management systems have been in place, and our clients and staff kept safe and protected.

Our Bush Fire Management Committee and Crisis Management Team prepare well in advance, and monitor risk consistently to ensure the upmost protection of vulnerable people in our care. This includes relocation and evacuation procedures, as well as securing ongoing supplies and personnel.

It’s this proactive and organisation-wide effort that means that our services can be responsive and ensure the best outcomes for clients, their families, and the safety of our people.

Going above and beyond

It’s great to report that we have a number aged care and allied health services who are raising funds for the bush fire response, sewing garments for injured animals, and we have retirement living residents who indeed are taking great care to look out for one another during these challenging times.

Our words cannot express the gratitude we hold for those who have gone above and beyond this fire season, and sought to bring about safety to many of us.

Take precautions

We continue to encourage older Victorians to stay indoors and hydrated during high heat conditions and periods of poor air quality. Further details on how to look after yourself and other older Victorians this fire season can be found here.

Kind regards

Sandra Hills OAM

CEO Benetas