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6 acts of kindness in Victoria during COVID-19

17th June 2020

Amidst scenes of toilet paper scrambles, COVID-19 has also seen the community come together with great acts of kindness to support and care for older people and those most in need. Here are just a few of our favourite acts of care and generosity in Victoria, Australia.

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Melbourne artists share tribute to healthcare workers

Melbourne artists, Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner, of Melbourne’s Murals, painted a thank you mural to frontline health workers in a lane off Balcombe Road in Black Rock. The piece shares a frontline worker with angel wings and protection equipment as they hold up the world on their hands. Brigette Dawson said she wanted to express the deep gratitude she had for health professionals “who do so much, above and beyond.” Read more.

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Anonymous customer provides new family business with “a beautiful gesture”

Melbourne café owner Pierre Patole received a generous gift from one of his customers who anonymously donated their $750 coronavirus supplement to help him keep their doors open. In the envelope with the money, the generous customer said “we very much admire your efforts to create a wonderful new family business. We hope this helps in some small way.” The note and gesture brought great joy to the café owner who was struggling to make ends meet. Read more.

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Bagpipes raise aged care spirits

Aged care residents at Benetas Corowa Court were treated to a traditional bag pipe player outside the home following the Victorian Government’s announcement of a State of Emergency. This lovely act of kindness was taken by the regular music therapists who said he wanted to continue providing his services during this difficult time for many residents. Spirits were certainly lifted after his visit!

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Surfcoast Angels distribute help and hope on Victoria’s coast

Young mum, Nicole Dickmann, felt the need to help others during the crisis and within days recruited close to a dozen volunteers to provide essential supplies and support for those in need. Nicole Dickmann acknowledged that while life is extremely busy, it was important to make time for others at this incredibly challenging time for some. “We just have to help each other through this,” she said. Read more.

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Tyers Preschool brighten Mother’s Day for many

Adults weren’t the only ones going above and beyond to share acts of kindness for those most vulnerable. The children at Tyers Preschool created a whole wall of artwork and messages of care for the residents of Dalkeith Gardens in Traralgon for Mother’s Day. This was just one of the many acts of kindness from local schools and preschools who sent flowers, letters and pictures to raise the spirits of residents in aged care across Victoria. Read more.

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Woolworths acknowledge frontline staff for going above and beyond

To reward employees for providing essential services during coronavirus, Woolworths has granted up to $750 worth of company shares to more than 100,000 team members. Chief executive Brad Banducci said they had pulled together as a team during panic buying and supply shortages. “We could think of no better way to thank and recognise our team.” Read more.

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