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5 reasons to move to a retirement village

11th April 2019

Deciding whether to stay in your own home or move to a retirement village or residential aged care facility is a big decision, whether you’re a single person or you’re making plans as a couple. Deanna Paulet, from Benetas Dalkeith Heights, shares her top five reasons for making the move into a retirement village:

1. You’ll be part of a community

Living in a retirement village reduces the risk of social isolation by giving you opportunities to meet new people, become part of a community and make friends through regular social events and hobby group meet ups. You’ll also be able to enjoy the extensive facilities alongside other residents.

2. You’ll feel secure in a peaceful and safe neighbourhood

“Residential retirement village living comes with the security of knowing you’ll always be surrounded by like-minded people who want to lead the same lifestyle as you. This means you no longer need to worry about suddenly finding yourself living next door to a fan of late-night loud music, noisy children that play outdoors early in the morning, or a barking dog disturbing your peace,” says Deanna.

There’s also the security of knowing there are always people around, including 24-hour monitoring and emergency call systems in place.

3. Great amenities right on your doorstep

You don’t need to travel to indulge in your favourite activities and hobbies (or find a new one), which means more than just convenience – it also means you’re far more likely to stay active, which is great for mental and physical well being. Among other health benefits, research shows staying active can reduce the risk of falls, a key contributor to pain, loss of mobility and other health issues.

Retirement villages such as Benetas Dalkeith Heights offers plenty of great amenities all within the grounds –for example, there’s a cinema, café, restaurant, hairdresser, bowling and putting greens, swimming pool, gym, table tennis and games.

4. Free yourself of the responsibilities of a larger home

Most residential homes come with some degree of maintenance, with some requiring a lot of work, time and money just to keep them running. At a retirement village, your new home requires much less maintenance, and you’ll also have direct access to staff who can do all the hard work for you.

“This allows you to make the most of the time you have with your family, and focus on catching up with each other. We often see people living in their own homes without help having their time with the family taken up with house maintenance and other essentials,” Deanna says.

5. Close access to health care and support

Many retirement villages like Dalkeith Heights offer multiple levels of care and co-location options. This can be great for couples, especially when one has higher care needs than the other. “For example, we had a gentleman whose wife needed around the clock care, so she moved to our neighbouring Dalkeith Gardens aged care residence. He used to drive hours each day to visit her, which he did willingly,, but the moment he moved in to the village, he could simply walk over to her room in minutes!”

It’s also great to stay ahead of the changes that come as we age. “If you’re already in a residential village, we have health care on site if anything comes up – and it means being able to proactively talk to your health care team about any changing needs or concerns,” Deanna says.

And for those that suffer a major health set back, living in a retirement village means far less change. “All too often, we see people staying at home, having a fall or health emergency and being told it’s no longer safe to stay at home. This means losing everything you know overnight. If you’re already living in a retirement village however, you can easily just arrange a new level of care to suit your needs. This may be by having support staff assist you in your unit, or by transitioning to the Dalkeith Gardens Aged Care residence, which is located on the same site.”

To find even more great reasons to move to a retirement village please contact Dalkeith Heights on 03 5175 0955.


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