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98% Vaccination rate of active Benetas care employees!

3rd September 2021

Benetas is working really hard to provide employees with the information they need and the access to get vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes weekly information emails, webinars and videos from those already vaccinated, arranging in-house vaccinations and working with the local Public Health Network to administer the vaccine as required.

We are seeing a significant uptake, even just in the last week, with 98 percent of active employees currently vaccinated across residential services.

Benetas is supportive of the mandated vaccine for residential aged care employees to ensure that those we care for who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 are protected. We look forward to the release of the Victorian Health Directives to assist us in providing clear information to our employees and we are confident that all employees will have at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by the mandated deadline of 17 September.