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Privacy Policy & Terms

Detailed below is information about our Copyright, Privacy and Disclaimer. These terms apply to Benetas and all of its subsidiaries including Macedon Ranges Health and Allied Health Plus. If you have any further questions please feel to contact Benetas.


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Republishing material from this website
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Written enquires should be directed to:

Benetas Support Office
PO Box 5093
Glenferrie South
VIC 3122
P: (03) 8823 7900
F: (03) 9822 6870

This policy applies to the collection, retention and dissemination of personal information (whether past, present or future) obtained from individuals in the course of its business and is not limited to clients, their families or significant others. This policy does not apply to employee records which are exempted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended from time to time.

Purpose and Objectives
Benetas acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals and protects the privacy of clients and their families, in line with relevant Commonwealth and State legislation. It is the policy of Benetas that information is managed appropriately with regard to collection, security, storage, use and disclosure, as identified throughout all processes.

In abiding by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP's) and the Freedom of Information Act, Benetas aims to provide effective and efficient services, whilst respecting the confidentiality and privacy rights of the organisation's clients and staff, and clearly demonstrates Benetas' commitment to the wellbeing of all persons.

This Policy pertains to Personal Information and Health Information and excludes information about staff contained in Personnel Records.

A record of personal information relating to the employment of a staff member is exempt from treatment under the APP's where the employee records relate to a current or former employment relationship between the employer and the individual and an employee record held by the organisation and relating to the individual.

Collection of personal information
Benetas considers the collection of relevant, personal data as fundamental to the provision of individualised quality care and accommodation services. Information is collected throughout each phase of health intervention, treatment, and health research initiatives that often extend beyond the client contact. This may be taken in the form of direct contact, telephone enquiries, email, internet & web interactions, surveys and other forms of communication.

Typically the information collected by Benetas includes:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Servers, domain names and system details
  • Personal details relating to items such as gender, marital status, Date of Birth etc.
  • Details of Next of Kin, family members and Power of Attorney's
  • Medical records and histories
  • Financial records

This information is only collected from individuals with their prior knowledge and consent and for the primary purpose for which it was collected.

Use of personal information
The main purposes for which Benetas collects, holds and uses personal information is:

  • to provide services to its clients and family members;
  • in responding to individual requests;
  • to be able to maintain contact with clients, family members and duly authorised representatives;
  • provision of online email subscription services i.e. Benetas' email alert service;
  • to comply with duties imposed by legislation in responding to request by Governmental agencies;

Additionally Benetas may use personal information about individuals in marketing and promoting our services, including email, however individuals always have the opportunity to elect not to receive marketing materials or have their information used by writing to the Benetas Privacy Officer.

Use of aggregate data
When visiting Benetas' web site a record is logged capturing the following non personal information:

  • the users server address and operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac etc.)
  • the users top level domain name (e.g. .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.)
  • the type of browser used

This data is captured for statistical purposes only and enables the enhancement, optimisation and interaction of Benetas' web pages with different systems and web browsers.

At no stage does Benetas attempt to identify users or their browsing activities, except in the unlikely event of an investigation by a law enforcement agency exercising its legal authority within the laws of Australia.

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can transfer to your computer when you access information on that site. Cookies can make websites easier to use by storing information about your preferences on a particular website. This information remains on your computer after you close your browser. The only exception being where session specific cookies are used. These types of cookies are used for basic web metrics and only last until the browser is closed.

Individuals can choose to remove or block cookies by changing their settings within their browser - refer to the browsers Help feature.

Disclosure of personal information
Benetas does not disclose personal information to other third parties or organisations unless:

  • use and disclosure is required under this policy
  • is required or permitted by law
  • prior consent has been given by the individual(s) concerned
  • to reasonably protect the rights or safety of any member of the public or client(s) of Benetas

Benetas in the normal course of its operations does not provide personal information to third parties in other countries.

Any information used for the purposes of research shall be de-identified and limited to items such as age, gender, ethnicity and other generic information.

Security of personal information
Benetas will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information collected, held and stored from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access whether it be in electronic or hard copy form. Destruction of personal records is performed in accordance with Benetas' Retention and Disposal of Records procedure. All personal information not actively being used is stored in accordance with the prescribed periods contained within legislative instruments with a third party provider of secure archiving services.

Access to personal information
The APP's provide individuals with an enforceable right of access to their information held by Benetas. All requests for access to information should proceed through the Benetas Privacy Officer.

Benetas will provide access to personal information held by it to an individual, provided it is authorised to do so, upon request. When making a request to access personal information we will require the individual to provide evidence of their right to access the information, unless otherwise previously provided.

Benetas will respond to all such requests within 30 days of the date upon which it was made. If Benetas refuses to provide an individual with personal information it will do so stating why in writing within the above specified time frame.

In providing the information, Benetas may also charge a reasonable administrative fee to cover the access or provision of copies of the documentation requested.

Corrections and concerns
If you believe information held by Benetas is incorrect or out of date please contact our respective business managers to have the record amended or corrected.

If you wish to have personal information held about you deleted we will require this request be made in writing, unless Benetas is required to maintain such records as prescribed in legislation or for litigation purposes.

Specific complaints or concerns relating to the handling of personal information may be referred internally to the Benetas Privacy Officer or externally to the Victorian Health Services (regarding Health Records) or the Victorian Privacy Commissioner.

Contact details
Benetas Privacy Officer
Level 1, 789 Toorak Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3122
Tel.: (03) 8823.7900 (reception) Fax: (03) 9822.6870 (reception)

Privacy Commissioner, Privacy and Data protection Victoria
GPO Box 5057 Melbourne VIC 3001
Tel: 1300 666 444 Fax: 1300 666 445

Health Services Commissioner Complaints and Information
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne VOC 3000
Tel: 1300 582 113 Fax: (03) 9032 3111