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How to prepare for a home care package

23rd January 2019

Have you recently been assessed for a home care package and not sure what happens next?

Following assessment, you will receive 3 letters from My Aged Care in the mail, each indicating your stage in the journey towards a home care package. Below are some handy tips on things you can do to prepare for your package after you receive each letter.

Letter #1: You are approved for a Home Care Package

Letter #2: Your home care package will be available in 90 days

Letter #3: Your package is assigned. You have 56 days to enter into an agreement with a home care service provider


Letter #1

Your home care package approval

The first letter you receive following your assessment will notify you as to whether you are approved for a home care package and your priority level.

At this time you are placed on a national waiting list, which can be up to a 12 month wait depending on your level of priority.

Benetas Home Care Team Leader Michelle Tregillis says, “This this is why it is so important to register for a My Aged Care assessment at your earliest opportunity.”

"A lot of people wait until there is an emergency or something happens.”

Remember, whilst you are on the wait list, you are always welcome to arrange self-funded in-home support with providers like Benetas.

If you are not approved for a home care package:

  • You can re-apply if your circumstances change
  • You can seek self-funded home support from providers like Benetas

If you have not received your first letter from My Aged Care within a couple of weeks of your assessment, we encourage you to ring them to follow up.

Read more about this letter here.


Letter #2

Your home care package will be available in 90 days

You will receive a letter in the mail advising you that your home care package will be available in 90 days. There are a series of actions you need to complete when you receive this letter.

First, complete a formal income assessment. This will determine how much of your home care service fees will be covered by Government funding and how much you will need to pay.

You should also begin to research home care providers. You are encouraged to meet with your candidates to get a better understanding of what they offer and whether they will be able to meet your needs. You should also consider each service providers’ fees, including any possible hidden costs.

Once you choose a service provider, you can work together to create a service plan which meets your preferred home living experience. This service plan will be ready to start when your package becomes available.

Finally, if you no longer need a home care package this is the point where you can opt out and still retain your place in the national priority system.

Read more about this letter here.

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Letter #3

Your package is assigned. You have 56 days to enter into an agreement with a home care service provider

This letter will provide you with a date to come to an arrangement with your chosen service provider.

Benetas Home Care Leader Kim Wallmeyer discusses how important it is to meet this date.

"A lot of people don't understand what the letter means so they put it to one side. The trouble with this is that if they haven't responded in 56 days, they lose their package," she said.

If you feel like you can’t choose a provider in time provided, you can contact My Aged Care to request a 28 day extension.

Benetas can also assist, by fast forwarding your application to ensure you enter into a home care agreement before your due date.

Read more about this letter here.


To learn more

For free support and advice call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82 or contact us online.

If you are thinking about home care, please also get some advice from a doctor, or other medical professional.


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