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6 easy steps to switch your home care provider

20th February 2019

Did you know that you are not obliged to stay locked in to services with your home care provider?

Your situation or needs may change or your service provider may not offer the right services for you. So- how can you make the switch?

Follow our 6 easy steps to switching providers without losing your funds!

1. Shop around and choose a new provider

Research and then call your short-listed new service providers and discuss what services they can offer, your needs and how they can accommodate the switch.

Benetas can assist you through the entire journey of switching providers, including visiting your home and offering advice on any fees that may arise from making the switch. Call 1300 23 63 82 for more information.

TIP: Whilst you shop around, we also suggest you read over your home care agreement with your existing provider. Take note of any exit fees and notice periods.

2. Agree on a switch date

Meet with your current service provider and come to a mutual agreement on a date you'll finish receiving in-home support with them.

TIP: My Aged Care give you 56 days from the end date to enter into a new agreement with another service provider - so we suggest choosing your new provider within or before this time period.

3. Notify My Aged Care

Let My Aged Care know you wish to transfer. They will reactive your referral code.

4. Meet with your new provider

Arrange to meet with your new provider. Take your reactivated referral code. In this meeting you can start to arrange your new home support plan and agree on a start date.

TIP: You can't overlap providers - so make sure your start date is immediately after your finish date with your old provider. This way will not experience any gaps in your in-home support.

5. Take your funding with you

To ensure you have your unspent funding come with you, you must give your old provider the details of your new provider within 56 days of ending services with them. Your old provider is obliged to transfer your unspent funds within 70 days of your agreed end date.

TIP: You may be charged an exit fee - which is taken out of your unspent funds. Please ask your previous provider about this.

6. Begin with your new provider

Congratulations! You can now begin to receive in-home support with your new provider!

TIP: Make sure to check your old provider transferred your unspent funds within the allotted 70 days.

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