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Do these 3 things before you are assigned a Home Care Package

22nd August 2019

If you are on the Home Care package waitlist, you may be uncertain as to what’s going to happen next or what to do.

There are 3 key things you can do prior to your Home Care Package being assigned.

  1. Begin to research home care providers, services and fees
  2. Create your Care Plan early
  3. Complete an income assessment form to determine your income-tested care fee

1. Research providers, services & fees

You can begin to explore service and provider options in your local area by:

  • Using the service finder on the My Aged care website
  • Chatting to family or friends
  • Googling providers in your area
  • Talking to your doctor or other medical professionals

You can also estimate your government funding with the My Aged Care fee estimator tool.

Please note, if you need support whilst you wait for your home care package, you can get immediate self-funded in-home support with providers like Benetas. To enquire contact us online or call 1300 23 63 82.

We encourage you to meet with your candidates to get a better understanding of what they offer and whether they’ll be able to meet your needs. You should also ask for documentation of their fees including Care Management, Package Management, exit fees and more. View our services and their rates here.


2. Develop a Care Plan

Once you choose which service provider you would like to go with, we recommend working with them to develop your Care plan, which meets your preferred home living experience.

Doing this will ensure you will be ready to sign a Home Care Agreement and receive services as soon as your Home Care Package is assigned.

What is a Care Plan?

A Care Plan is a document that outlines your needs, goals and how those needs will be met. It may include an outline of the care and services you'll use, what type of Care Management you'll use and other details relating to your ongoing support at home.

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3. Complete an income assessment form

Depending on your income, you may be required to pay an 'income-tested care fee,' which is a personal contribution towards your Home Care Package. This fee is different for everyone and is based on your individual income including your pension.

You can use this fee estimator tool to help you estimate what fees your Home Care service provider may ask you to pay for.

To determine how much you’ll be required to pay and how much will be covered by Government funding, you will need to complete an income assessment form for the Department of Human Services (DHS).

It’s important to note: Unless you are on a paid pension that is means-tested, you must complete this assessment to begin using Home Care Package services or you may be required to pay the maximum income-tested care fee. The process at DHS can take time, so we highly recommend you complete the income assessment at your earliest convenience.

Full pensioners do not pay an income-tested care fee.

Begin the income assessment form here.


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