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Aged care mural brings smiles from years 11 to 106

31st October 2019

Benetas’ Corowa Court aged care residents were joined by a group of 10 creative high school students to brighten the site with a wall to wall mural spanning five metres long.

The Peninsula Grammar students aged between 11 to 12 years old, have been visiting the local aged care service since national Employee Aged Care Day in July as part of their community service program.

General Manager of Residential Services Verity Leith said during this time the local students had brought a great deal of joy and energy to residents and carers alike.

“It’s wonderful to have Peninsula Grammar come out and join us in such a collaborative and creative way. They’ve brought vibrant designs that will mark our walls and brighten our site for decades to come.”

The wall includes a picture of a tree with many of the residents’ hands painted on it as leaves, and was designed by all the students to inspire nurses and carers serving older Victorians day in and out.

“The students have really enjoyed channeling their creativity in such a tangible and impactful way,” said Peninsula Grammar Teacher Intern Adelaide Swift.

“They’re really focused on how it will make others feel when they walk past it during their day."

“Not every young person has experienced visiting aged care facilities, and coming to Corowa Court every few weeks has generated some great conversation about the needs of older Australians and what we can do to better support them.”

“Aged care, like other social services, often raises how we support the most vulnerable in our community,” Ms Leith said. “Having young people join us and support our service to older Victorians falls at the heart of a caring and vibrant community.”

As a leading not-for-profit aged care provider in Victoria, Benetas has run a number of inter-generational programs that lift spirits and reduce stigma often associated with ageing.

Benetas’ Corowa Court resident, Mark Lillicrap, said it’s been a pleasure having students come through the doors and bring their enthusiasm and energy with them.

“The carers do incredible work here and I hope the mural provides them with a great way to think of all the good moments that they’ve been involved in and have helped make happen during their time here.”

Thelma Kirkman at age 106 was among the Benetas Corowa Court residents to add her hand to the wall (pictured above), choosing yellow she noted it was her favourite colour and took great joy joining in on the celebration.

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