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Residential Aged Care home finds the Paw-fect fit

6th July 2017

Benetas recently had a new resident move in, and he is proving to be the “paw-fect” fit.

Meet Mr Wendall, he is a five-year-old Havanese who was recently adopted by our Camberwell aged care home from Lort Smith, an animal adoption centre.

Residential Manager, Jo Laker, said she has noticed the other residents faces light up when Mr Wendall enter a room. She said pets not only offered companionship and unconditional love, but research also suggests they have the ability to boost health and general well-being, especially in the elderly.

“Across Benetas we regularly engage with pet therapists, but we have found it’s more beneficial for residents to have their own dog,” Ms Laker said.

“Visiting dogs are kept on a leash throughout their visit and only stay for a short time, whereas Mr Wendall can wander around and spend time with each resident in their room, giving them the feeling he’s their dog, which indeed he is.”