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Myrtle celebrates 100th birthday at St Paul's Terrace

7th July 2020

In May, we had a special celebration at St Paul's Terrace when Myrtle Robertson, one of our residents, turned 100!

Myrtle celebrated this amazing milestone with her co-residents enjoying a special afternoon tea with cake and lots of gifts.

Myrtle said "I could not be happier with the life I was given by my parents and all the beautiful experiences and memories I have had along the way. I am ever thankful to all the staff at St Paul's Terrace, for being so caring and supportive and making this day of mine, extra special. I feel I have achieved most of the things I hoped for, in life and the journey has been incredible, and I hope to stay healthy and fit for the years to come. Thank you all for being a part of my 100th birthday."

We asked Myrtle about what is was like to celebrate such a huge milestone during the COVID-19 pandemic and she said overall it has not bothered her much. She said, to be able to celebrate her 100th with her two nieces, staff and fellow residents was quite a special one to cherish.

She also added that for some reason she cannot completely understand the lockdown situation, however, she feels fortunate to be in a safe place and can continue to enjoy and be able to do the things that are close to her heart.

Myrtle enjoys reading, short walks, seeing her family and friends when appropriate, attending activities, being in touch with some of the residents that she knew prior coming to St Paul’s Terrace (who she calls her good friends), and above all, being well looked after by staff through their care and support.

Happy birthday Myrtle!

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