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Hook, line and sinker! – First Men’s Group at Colton Close Aged Care Home

27th July 2020

Colton Close's first Men’s Group Luncheon kicked off last Friday in Glenroy with great success.

The five men who attended greatly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together over fish and chips.

Pastoral Care Practitioner, Janine Goddard, said the lunch was a great opportunity to bring these men together and watch the conversations flow.

“When it comes to building meaningful connections between residents, a men's group provides a great space for men to forge new relationships,” Ms Goddard said.

“Many of the men who attended may have chatted with each other over dinner or seen each other about the home, but creating a safe space for them to deepen those conversations is incredibly important.

"Let me assure you, that the need for a yarn and connection with like-minded people is something we need at all stages of life, and the value cannot be underestimated.”

The men who attended the luncheon have agreed to meet together each month for a conversation over a meal, and are looking forward to exploring their shared interests as time goes on.

Other Men’s Groups across Benetas’ aged care homes have similarly been incredibly successful in building connections among residents.

“Whether it’s organising a BBQ, hosting a darts night, or watching a BBC series together, these groups support our male residents to enjoy their pastimes together, while allowing for new relationships to form,” Ms Goddard said.

“This mightn’t look like a traditional pastoral care initiative, but we’ve seen great conversations start up and real support networks forge through these groups. I can’t wait to watch this evolve!”

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