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Benetas St Laurence Court, Kangaroo Flat resident turns 100

7th May 2018

Mary Gooch, a resident of Benetas St Laurence Court in Kangaroo Flat, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Saturday 5 May, 2018. Mary is planning to commemorate this incredible milestone with her nephew Peter, fellow residents and staff in her home.

When asked how she feels about turning 100, Mary cheerfully replied, “I’m happy people have noticed. I think birthdays are good, it seems the more birthdays I have the longer I live.”

Mary was born in Howart, Northern England to Harriette and Haydn Bootcock. When Mary was 5 years old, along with her parents and two sisters Joyce and Vera, she travelled to Australia by boat, a journey which Mary can still recall.

Shortly after arriving in Australia, the family moved into their own house in Geelong. Later moving to Ascot Vale, followed by Hamilton. As a child, Mary suffered Rheumatic Fever and spent most of her time in bed until the age of 10. Doctors warned Mary’s mother that she may not live.

In her later years, Mary enjoyed spending time sewing and doing needlework, often making her own clothes. She then met and married Edwin Gooch and moved to the family farm at Glenlyon, living there for 30 years.

After Edwin passed away, Mary made the decision to move as she found it difficult to stay on the farm with her declining eyesight.

Surprised that she made it to 100, Mary said, “I never thought I’d live to 100, so there you go.”

Facility Manager Leah Wolfe said that Mary is a much loved member of the Benetas St Laurence Court facility.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this incredible milestone with Mary and her friends.