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Home Care Beyond the Home

3rd April 2019

Home care services can connect you with your community – here’s how.

Being connected with our family, friends and community is a vital part of our well being, regardless of our age.

While the term ‘home care’ can lead people to believe that the services offered only include support within your home, they can also help you stay active out of your home. This means you can enjoy your hobbies, stay connected to your culture or even experience new opportunities to participate in your community. In short, you can continue to enjoy the experiences that make you, you.

The out-of-home activities you can experience through self-funded home care services or a home care package include:

  • Visiting your local park, gardens or beach.
  • Attending Benetas social calendar events.
  • Visiting your friends and family.
  • Going out for a meal with friends.
  • Going to church.
  • Going to your local gym or pool.
  • Continuing your favourite hobby.
  • Joining a social group.
  • Joining a class or course.
  • Getting to an appointment.
  • Day trips to see a movie or visit the museum.

Here’s how some people at Benetas use home care to get out and about:

Trevor is from Sudan and only has one remaining family member in Australia, his grandson, who lives five hours away from his home. Trevor’s carers take him to see his grandson to celebrate his birthday and for occasional visits, which has allowed him to stay connected to his family.

Amelie is unable to leave the house as she has complex health issues that make outings too uncomfortable. However, with home care services, her husband is able to attend a weekly Men’s Shed’s group each week giving him respite and connection to others in his community – which is important for his well being, but also allows him to continue to provide a quality care and support for his wife.

Toula and Mary are Greek and only speak very Basic English. Through home care services, they’ve each been linked up with a Greek speaking carer who takes them both out once a week to a local Greek café. They eat traditional dishes together and speak in Greek throughout the visit, giving them the opportunity to stay connected to their culture, while sharing it with other people.

Jane is a keen crafter whose carer takes her on regular trips to a small town she has always loved but has struggled to travel to on her own. Dropping in at a few craft stores to purchase materials, and enjoying sightseeing in the area bring a great deal of sentimental value to Jane.

Robert is living with dementia but is still physically active and loves art. His home care carer takes him to the National Art Gallery in Victoria for regular visits. As well as giving him a chance to reconnect with something he loves, it also gives his primary carer, his daughter, some respite.

In Northern Melbourne, a group of Benetas Home Care clients have been brought together to participate in a weekly kitchen cooking class at a neighbourhood community house. Over time they have become firm friends and now take up other classes on offer at the house together, including computer skills and woodwork.

Sophia loves the ocean, so her carer takes her out to the seaside once a week where they have some hot chips and feed the seagulls. The sounds and smells help her relax and reconnect with herself. This outing both enhances Sophia’s wellbeing and also provides respite time for her son, who is her primary caregiver.

For free support and advice or to begin your aged care journey, call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82. Our aged care experts can also arrange a free in-home consultation to help you discover your personalised options and what ‘home care’ could mean for you.


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