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Customer Experience Survey 2018

2nd November 2018

In early 2018 Benetas released the results of the Customer Experience Survey, conducted in the last quarter of 2017, with the goal to better understand the experience of clients that utilise Benetas services, as well as feedback from our residents living at our 13 residential sites. One of the key focuses was to identify whether there were any aspects to care that could be improved or tailored to better meet the clients’ needs. This survey was also seen as an opportunity for those receiving care from Benetas, providing them with an avenue to freely express their feedback, to directly inform quality improvement at Benetas.

1374 respondents participated in the Customer Experience Survey, with feedback from home care clients, residents and families. All Benetas services and sites were represented in the survey, resulting in a fully comprehensive and all-encompassing final report.

The overall outcome of the survey was positive with 85% of respondents rating their experience as good or very good.

81% of home care clients and 79% of residential clients said that their care was delivered to the standard they expect.

One extremely positive element to the survey was the influx of comments highly regarding Benetas staff and the exceptional care they give to residents across our sites and home care services. 94% of home care and 91% of residential clients said ‘staff treat clients with respect’ and 94% of home care and 92% of residential clients said that ‘staff are kind’.

“All the staff are very kind and do their absolute best to treat my mother with respect and compassion.” Relative of Benetas client

Of our residents, 93% feel safe, 91% feel welcomed and 91% said their room is kept in a condition and standard they expect.

All of our residential sites received positive comments, with many family members pleased with the care given to their loved ones.

“My mother is incredibly well taken care of and seems infinitely happier since she’s been in care. I’m pleased and relieved that she is looked after so well, for all her needs (medical, social, food, wellbeing).”- Broughton Hall

Residents also expressed positive sentiments towards the residential sites, saying they feel safe and happy in their living environment, making friends amongst residents and genuine connections with the staff.

“Make lovely friendships, can make the room your own, I would recommend to anyone.” –Resident at St Paul’s Terrace

Our home care services received exceptional results, with 86% of clients saying that staff listen to them and 84% saying that staff take the time to explain things to them.

“I cannot fault anything. Carers have been excellent and everything has been of a high standard.”- Benetas home care client

The results from the Customer Experience Survey further affirm that Benetas provides high standard home care and residential services in a safe way by respectful and kind staff. The positive feedback received highlights that the services are valued and appreciated by clients and their family members. The insights identified in the survey have been incorporated into ongoing approach to care.