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St George’s aged care resident receives vaccine at 106 years old

25th February 2021

At 106, aged care resident, Mildred Andrew, received the Pfizer vaccine this morning at Benetas’ St George’s aged care home as part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination roll-out.

Without a flinch, Mildred, affectionately known as Millie, said that she felt “none the different.”

Living at St George’s aged care home for over 12 years with her granddaughter streets away, Millie said that she was pleased to receive the vaccine and it didn’t hurt a bit.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us,” Millie said. “It’s been fully explained and you can ask questions to your doctor or GP if you have one.”

“Sometimes I think perhaps it won’t work, then I think ‘no’, when I think of all the people who are having it and the impact it’s having. Also I have a good faith, you know, God will look after us.”

With an Order of Australia, Millie concluded that she was proud to be part of this initiative. “I’m a very proud Australian and I was born on Australia Day!”

Residential Business Manager, Justin McCarthy, said Benetas was incredibly pleased to have a number of their aged care homes part of the roll out this week.

“Our residents and employees on the frontline have been enthusiastic about being the first to receive the vaccine and we are incredibly pleased to help facilitate this important program as much as we can,” Justin said.

“The main focus at our homes has been on supporting residents, their guardians, and our teams to make informed choices on their participation, and providing them with the medical advice we receive.”

Justin stressed how important it was for every person who can receive the vaccine to do so.

“It’s great to remember that every person who is able to receive the vaccine are helping to protect those most vulnerable to the devastating impacts of COVID-19.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of Millie and our other residents and Benetas team members who’ve stepped up to receive the vaccine this week and be part of this important program.”

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