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FAQs about retirement living

How much does it cost to live at Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate?

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Home prices vary depending on the size of the home, other design features and whether it is new or pre-occupied. Prices for homes currently available will be provided on request. There may also be a range of upgrade options possible if construction of your home is not yet completed.

Our contract form is a Long Term Lease so when you move in, you pay a lump sum in return for the right to occupy your home for up to 49 years and to access the village facilities. The underlying ownership is retained by the village owner and no stamp duty is payable.

In addition, you will pay a monthly service fee which covers the ongoing operational costs of the village. Annual increases in service fees are generally limited to CPI in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act.

Further details are provided in the Factsheet- available on request

What is the entry-level age to live in Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate?

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Yourself or your spouse or partner must be at least 55 years of age or permanently retired to reside at Bridgewater. Whilst many of our residents are fully retired, others are still actively employed. You can remain working as long as you do not use your home or the facilities as a place of business.

How long do I have to wait for my refund when I leave?

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If you choose Benetas to manage the resale process, you refund will be paid within 14 days of settlement by the next incoming resident.

Who is responsible for insurance and rates?

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Building insurance is covered through your monthly service fees. You are responsible for council and water rates for your home and for insuring your contents and your own personal effects.

Can we bring two cars?

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Some of our homes have two car garages with direct access inside your home, others have space for a second car in the driveway. There are also plenty of extra car parks available for visitors around the village.

Are guests welcome to stay in my unit?

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You are welcome to have guests stay with you for short periods but as a courtesy and to assist in the case of an emergency we ask that you consult with the village manager.

How do I voice my concerns?

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You are invited to provide feedback directly to any village employee, including the Village Manager, the Residents’ Committee or share your concerns at a regular resident meeting. The village also has a formal comments, complaints and disputes procedure to ensure that any concerns are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.

Can I bring my pet?

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Yes, we understand the importance and benefits of pet ownership for our residents. Pets are welcome (subject to approval) provided you meet a few reasonable conditions covering their ongoing care and management. Our Village Manager can provide more information.

Where can I get more information?

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If you can find the answer on our webpage, or you want to talk to someone about Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate, please provide your contact details so that we can contact you to discuss any queries you may have.

You can also contact us at or 03 9308 8335.

What options are available should I need additional care?

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Benetas operates 13 aged care homes in Victoria. If we don’t currently have a suitable vacancy then we can offer services to look after you in your existing home, until a suitable vacancy becomes available.

Benetas Home Care offers an extensive range of home care services and funding options to suit your individual circumstances.

Do you charge any fees when I leave the community?

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Like the majority of Retirement Living operators we charge a Deferred Managed Fee when you leave the community which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of community life on an “enjoy now, pay later” basis. Details of all fees including contributions to the Major Maintenance Fund are provided in the Factsheet - which is available on request.

Is there an Emergency Call system?

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Each home is provided with an Emergency call system including either a pendant or wrist style transmitter. Emergency calls are monitored offsite 24 hrs 7 days a week providing assistance with a range of emergencies including medical, security and fire.

Benetas also has a dedicated Maintenance Help Desk for urgent after hours maintenance issues.