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The Positive Ageing Tool

An evidence based online interactive tool to help older Australians stay healthier and independent for longer.

The Positive Ageing Tool, commonly referred to as PAT draws from Government funded research undertaken by Benetas in conjunction with Monash University to provide a simple health check for older Australians to detect, and where possible, reverse early signs of frailty. You can either complete PAT's Health Check for yourself, or its easy enough to do for you loved ones.

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What is it all about?

The tool ensures that regardless of our age, we’re equipped with the resources we need to live our best life.

By completing PAT's Health Check regularly, people can identify the collective impact of emerging health developments for a person over 60 that may require further investigation by a health professional or doctor. The tool hosts a suite of practical resources that covers everything from nutritional recipes and exercises through to important support services available to older Australians.

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Evidence based

PAT's Health Check consists of five simple questions to support people over 60 monitor their physical resilience and take important steps to ensure they're healthy and independent for longer.

The tool has been developed and recommended for use by international experts on ageing and is based on rigorous research into staying independent longer [1,2].

PAT provides a simple and regular avenue to monitor our risk of an adverse health decline in the coming months so that we can take proactive action. While this is not a diagnosis, it is accompanied with information about important steps an individual can take to control their level of risk, including following up with their General Practitioner for further medical and health advice.

Note 1: Van Kan GA et al. The IANA Task Force on frailty assessment of older people in clinical practice. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. 2008;12(1):29-37.

Note 2: Morley JE et al. Frailty consensus: a call to action. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2013;14(6):392-7.

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What the tool will provide you?

Proactive steps for robust health

Based on the outcome of your Health Check, PAT will provide you with a suite of expert resources tailored to your health and care needs.

Many proactive health and care measures that will help build your health and resilience can be taken in your own home. It can be as simple as introducing a few new simple exercises to strengthen muscle or incorporating a few easy recipes to ensure you're getting the nutrition you need throughout your ageing journey.

PAT's Health Check also provides an important sign-post for when you need seek further medical advice and care advice to ensure you reduce the risk of an adverse health outcome in the near future.

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Interested in discovering your Health Check results?

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