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What is Care and Package Management?

22nd August 2019

When you possess a Government funded Home Care Package through Benetas, some of your budget will be used for services called Care Management and Package Management.

Discover what each of these mean, and what our fees are below.


Care Management

So, what is Care Management?

Care Management is a personal advisory service offered by a Benetas Care Manager that will help you deliver on the goals you identify in your Care Plan. It may include planning and coordinating your services, maximising your budget, ensuring your services are meeting your care needs and referrals to services of other suppliers.

You've got options for the type and level of Care Management you'd prefer:


Care Management Options


Our lower cost Partnership Care Management option enables you to self-manage some components of your Home Care Package. We work in partnership to determine what you'd like to self-manage and the type of support you'd like from us. You might wish to manage your own budget, make your own referrals for services or generally be in more control of the co-ordination of your package.

We have shared responsibility in ensuring you feel supported, yet able to maintain your independence. This is a truly individualised option.

Partnership Care Management is 15% of your fortnightly Home Care Package budget.

Fully Supported

Our Fully Supported Care Management option includes our comprehensive assistance in planning, coordinating and booking your home care services. Together, we make decisions on how funds are spent and monitor your budget.

Your home care specialists will be your first point of contact to discuss your preferred services, your budget, coordinate your services, complete service referrals and to discuss your changing care needs. You can choose the type of support and contact you want from us, whether that be home visits, phone check-ins or a combination of both.

Fully Supported Care Management is 20% of your fortnightly Home Care Package budget.


Package Management

If you have a Home Care Package, you are required to pay Package Management fees. This covers ongoing administration and organisational activities required to coordinate your package.

At Benetas, the fee is 15% of your fortnightly Home Care Package budget.

Compare the Package Management fees for different Home Care Package levels here.

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