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9 Home Care Services You Could Benefit From

22nd July 2019

Home Care isn’t just for those who can no longer manage by themselves at home. It’s also great for a little helping hand to make life easier so you can do what makes you, you; and live your life to the fullest.

Our friendly Benetas staff provide an extensive range of Home Care services tailored to you.

Let’s break your options down.

1. Household Tasks

    You can arrange Home Care services to support you around the home, including assistance with housework like washing, ironing and cleaning. You can also arrange for someone to come and help with the garden, your pets or other odd-jobs.

    2. Diet & Health

    Diet and nutrition is fundamental to your health and wellbeing. Meals can be prepared to suit your health needs; or, someone can come along and help you do your grocery shopping.

    3. Transport

    Transport can get tricky to navigate so take the stress out of it with someone who will organise everything, or just travel along with you.

    4. Social & Community

    In partnership with you, we can create opportunities for you to stay connected and maintain your sense of purpose through companionship and involvement with the community.

    This could be as simple as help getting to and from appointments, out to meet friends and family or just some companionship and a lunch. Getting to the beach or a local park might not be as easy anymore but with some assistance it might not be as out of reach as you think.

    Using these services can help you avoid feeling isolated or lonely, and help keep you living your life and connecting with your community, friends, and family.

    Read more about your community connection options here.

    5. Personal assistance

    Day-to-day personal care can get hard to manage alone. Some days it might be more of a struggle than others. If this is the case, you could arrange for someone to shower and dress you, check on your well-being and stay on top of your medication schedule.

    Benetas Care Manager Judy Kaminsky says, “If you’re vision impaired, it could be as simple as getting some assistance to ensure you look presentable with clean clothes and tidy hair before you go out for the day.”

    6. In-home nursing

    If you’re unable to leave, or would rather be treated at home, then an in-home nurse can bring the treatment to you. A qualified and compassionate in-home nurse will provide general support with things like wound management, diabetes management, implanting medical aids and provide mobility equipment. Or they can be more hands on with anti-coagulation and infusion therapy. Read more about in-home nursing here.

    7. In-home respite

    Respite services can offer a much needed break for primary caregivers too.

    Judy says Home Care services, “provide opportunity for a caregiver to spend time doing their own thing whilst knowing that their loved one is accompanied and supported”.

    Benetas offers in-home respite care, temporary residential aged care respite and cottage respite for overnight stays, emergencies or extended periods of respite care. These cottages also offer social support groups which are a great social experience.

    Read more about respite here.

    8. Allied Health & Therapeutic services

    You can also enlist the help of your service provider to arrange an appointment with an allied health professional such as an optometrist, dietitian, speech therapist, massage therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, podiatrist (or many others!).

    9. Equipment and home modifications

    Your service provider can help you access equipment and technologies to help make your living experience more safe, comfortable and enjoyable. They can help you install alarm bells, emergency call systems, technological aids or make minor home modifications. You could also purchase walking frames, shower chairs or other items to assist you at home.

    Don’t have a home care package?

    You don’t have to possess a Home Care Package or CHSP funding to receive assistance. You can fund the services yourself if you have the means.

    Regardless of the service combinations or funding you select, you will have the security of knowing our team of professionals ensure all staff and Home Care services comply with background security checks. Benetas delivers a high quality standard of services, providing comfort and peace of mind when welcoming support and care into your life, and home.

    For free support and advice or to begin your aged care journey, call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82. Our aged care experts can also arrange a free in-home consultation to help you discover your personalised options and what ‘home care’ could mean for you.

    For a complete breakdown of all of our pricing, please download our pricing schedule.


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