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7 steps to secure your home care package

20th February 2019

If you've begun to research options for support at home, you may have noticed that the My Aged Care home care package system can be complex to navigate. We hope to make the process a little clearer for you with this step-by-step guide.

1. Where do you apply for a home care package?

My Aged Care is your gateway to obtaining Australian Government funding for support at home known as a ‘home care package.’ These packages are designed to enable you or your loved one to stay comfortable and safe at home for longer.

2. How do you apply for a home care package?

To apply for a home care package you will first need to register, by contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. We suggest you register at your earliest opportunity in preparation for support when you need it.

Learn more about My Aged Care registration here.

3. You’ve registered, what’s next?

After you’ve registered, My Aged Care will arrange for a trained assessor to visit you in your home and discuss your need for support.

4. What can you do to prepare?

You can begin to explore service and provider options in your local area by:

  • Using the service finder on the My Aged care website
  • Chatting to family or friends
  • Googling providers in your area
  • Talking to your doctor or other medical professionals

You can also estimate your government funding with the My Aged Care fee estimator tool.

Please note, if you need support whilst you wait for your home care package, you can get immediate self-funded in-home support with providers like Benetas. To enquire contact us online or call 1300 23 63 82.

5. How do you know you’re on the national waiting list?

Following your assessment, you will receive a letter from My Aged Care which states the home care package level you’ve been approved for and your priority level.

Read more about this letter here.

Please note: If the letter states you haven’t been approved for a home care package at this time, you can reapply when your circumstances change.

You can remain assured, self-funded in-home support is always available at your request through providers like Benetas.

6. What’s next?

When your home care package is approximately 90 days away, you will receive a letter to notify you. When you receive this letter you should complete a formal income assessment, and meet with your Benetas representative to discuss home support services suitable for you. If you no longer have need for your home care package, please advise My Aged Care.

Read more about this letter here.

7. When will you know your package is available?

You will receive a third letter advising your package is available, and it’s time to choose a service provider. We encourage you to choose your provider within the government’s allocated 56 days to ensure your application does not go to the back of the waiting list. If you are having trouble choosing, service providers such as Benetas can fast-track your agreement or you can apply for a 28 day extension through My Aged Care.

Read more about this letter here.

To learn more:
  • Download our infographic to see a step-by-step guide to getting a home care package
  • Use the Benetas calculator to see services your funding can cover
  • For free support and advice call Benetas on 1300 23 63 82 or contact us online.
  • If you are thinking about home care, please also get some advice from a doctor, or other medical professional.

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