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Meet team members from your area

As a Benetas client, you’ll have a dedicated group of Benetas staff delivering a high quality standard of care, providing comfort and peace of mind when welcoming them into your home. Our team build genuine, kind and caring relationships with you and those you care about.


There will always be someone to speak to and support you in real-time

Your Team

As a Benetas client, you will have a dedicated group of Benetas staff working to ensure you have a truly personalised and positive experience.

Your Client Adviser

You’ll have an understanding and supportive Client Adviser who visits you and assists you to plan and coordinate your services and budget to suit your evolving health and wellbeing. In partnership with you, they will design a Care Plan that meets your assessed needs and unique goals.

You’ve got the power to choose your services, how you’ll spend your funds and how much support you’d like from us.

Your In-Home Service Assistant

We will connect you with an in-home service assistant who will visit you in your home at times pre-arranged with you.

Our recruitment process ensures all the necessary safety checks are conducted but we always look beyond the resume. Our people are truly committed to the work they do and deliver services in a sensitive manner that is respectful of personal, cultural, social and religious preferences.

Although we believe every Benetas carer is special, we also know that some carers will be a better match for your loved one than others. That’s why we go to great lengths to meet your preferences as closely as possible – taking into account gender, personality, ethnicity, language, special skills and more.

Where are these people located?

Our teams operate out of local offices and cater to clients who live in the same region. You will have direct access to these individuals.


Eastern team

Photo of Kim Stockley

Kim Stockley

Client Advisor

Photo of Vicki Cluckie

Vicki Cluckie

Client Advisor

Photo of Carolyn Boyce

Carolyn Boyce

Client Advisor


Gippsland Team

Photo of Janiene Smith

Janiene Smith

Regional Operations Team Leader

Photo of Lynette Swayn

Lynette Swayn

Client Advisor


Metro North West team

Photo of Grace Sorgente

Grace Sorgente

Regional Operations Team Leader

Photo of Dominika Hadaszczak

Dominika Hadaszczak

Client Advisor

Photo of Kasia Frankiewicz

Kasia Frankiewicz

Client Advisor

Photo of Olivia Frankiewicz

Olivia Frankiewicz

Support Services Officer


Rural North West

Photo of Jo McKenna

Jo McKenna

Client Advisor

Photo of Bronwyn Ingram

Bronwyn Ingram

Client Advisor


Southern team

Photo of Briony Underwood

Briony Underwood

Regional Operations Team Leader

Photo of Heena Modi

Heena Modi

Client Advisor

Photo of Lisa Castle

Lisa Castle

Client Advisor


Respite team

Photo of Alicia Crozzoli

Alicia Crozzoli

Respite Services Coordinator

Photo of Clare Campbell

Clare Campbell

Respite Program Leader

Photo of Linda Fitzgerald

Linda Fitzgerald

Respite Program Leader

Photo of Lia Agizza

Lia Agizza

Respite Program Leader


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