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Helping residents to feel supported in their new home

Moving into an aged care home is a big transition. Benetas is here to support you every step of the way.


Helping residents to feel at Home

Transitioning into Residential Aged Care can be an emotional and challenging time for residents and their families. This video provides insight into the transition of moving into aged care through lived experiences from our residents.

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Mental Health Support at Benetas

Transitioning into residential aged care can have a profound impact on an individuals mental health, Benetas has many supports in place to ensure our residents receive the help to transition comfortably into their new home.

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Benetas research leads to a smoother transition

The 'transition videos' were made possible thanks to a grant from the Psyche Foundation awarded to Benetas for research and the creation of resources to improve the mental health of our aged care residents.

Residents, families, employees and volunteers participated in the research and provided feedback on their experiences and the support they received. The residents who provided feedback were clear on wanting descriptive videos giving 'real life' examples of living in aged care, and how to take care of their mental health, from this the above videos were created as a resource for existing, incoming and prospective residents and their families.

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