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What you do matters

You matter to our residents, our clients, their families and loved ones, our community, your colleagues and you matter to Benetas.


Why what you do matters.

We recognise that our employees across the business have been feeling the pressure that has come from COVID-19. Particularly given most of us are in close regular contact with people who are most vulnerable.

We have had to change the way we do things, adapt to new arrangements and processes, all while continuing to care for and support our residents, clients and the community.

It is at times like these that we need to acknowledge why we do what we do and that WHAT WE DO MATTERS, what YOU do matters.

This has led us to launching a new campaign titled WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. The campaign aims to connect with you and reiterate that the day to day tasks, small gestures, conversations and interactions, all MATTER. YOU MATTER. You matter to our residents, you matter to our clients, you matter to our community, you matter to their families and loved ones, you matter to your colleagues and you matter to Benetas.

The WHAT YOU DO MATTERS campaign will highlight eleven employees across Benetas over the coming months. It will give a snippet of their contribution and remind us all of the incredible impact we are all making to the lives of Victorians. You can read our first story for the campaign below.

We can’t wait to share your colleagues’ stories and raise awareness of the important contribution each and every one of you make. You can follow the campaign on bconnect, across social media and our website, and we will provide regular updates in Broadcaster. You may also start to see the imagery being used in advertising for careers at Benetas.

We know you are passionate and we value the work that you do, day in and day out. WHAT YOU DO MATTERS and YOU MATTER TO US.

Thank you for WHAT YOU DO.


About our People

Photo of Bradley Lynch

Bradley Lynch

In Home Service Assistant
(Home Care South)

Brandley worked his way up from a tyre fitter to a state manager for a local tyre company. During the COVID lockdown, he decided he wanted to a career that was more meaningful and had more self-reward. Click to read more.

Photo of Debra Bosma

Debra Bosma

Care Companion
(Dalkeith Gardens)

Debra was persuaded by a friend to pursue a career in aged care, and hasn't looked back since then. Click to read more.

Photo of Heena Modi

Heena Modi

Client Advisor
(Home Care South)

Heena joined Benetas because she wanted to be a part of an organisation that offers the whole continuum of service so she can gain a better understanding of aged care. Click to read more.

Photo of Melvin Guzha

Melvin Guzha

Clinical Services Manager
(Colton Close)

He has been a registered nurse on the floor, a clinical nursing coordinator, after hours manager and has since progressed to being the clinical services manager. Click to read more.

Photo of Nathaly Martinez

Nathaly Martinez

Personal Care Worker
(Lovell House).

Nathaly has been with Benetas for over 10 years after following in her sister’s footsteps who were both already working at Benetas. Click to read more.

Photo of Julie Lynn

Julie Lynn

Procurement Manager
(Support Office).

Julie has been at Benetas for over 4 years, after hearing about the role from a supplier. As part of our procurement team, she enjoys the supplier relationships and working to get the right out come for the business. Click to read more.

Photo of Bronte Potter

Bronte Potter

Personal Care Worker
(Gladswood Lodge).

Bronte joined the team at Gladswood Lodge in April 2019 as part our ‘Given the Chance’ program. She went on to become a permanent members of the team. Click to read more.

Photo of Felix Cheng

Felix Cheng

Wellbeing Manager
(Support Office).

Felix says he applied for the role at Benetas because he saw the organisation as person and care centred which really resonated with him. Click to read more.

Photo of Ash Devgan

Ash Devgan

Enrolled Nurse
(The Views at Heidelberg).

Ash initially joined Benetas as a Personal Care Worker (PCW), but after finishing his Nursing course in August 2019, became an Enrolled Nurse at The Views.

Click to read more.

Photo of Anne Altamore

Anne Altamore

Pastoral Care Practitioner (Broughton Hall, The Views)

Anne finds immense value in caring for people dealing with end of life support and she helps residents facilitate reconciliation and exploration with their lives. Click to read more.

Photo of Wallie Leung

Wallie Leung

In-Home Service Assistant (Community Health and Care)

His favourite part of the job is going on outings with his clients, it helps to get them out of the house and continue to be part of the community. He also supports group outings for the region. Click to read more.

Photo of Rebekah Wissman

Rebekah Wissman

Community Engagement Coordinator (Corowa Court)

I believe that people that work in aged care have a big heart. “You see past an outer appearance and look into who a person really is inside. Working in aged care gives me meaning and personal satisfaction that cannot be found with every career path.” Click to read more.