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A seamless ageing journey for the Macedon Ranges

A seamless ageing journey for the Macedon Ranges


A New Aged Care Residence for Gisborne

The amalgamation of Macedon Ranges Health with not-for-profit aged care provider, Benetas, in 2018 came with a $60 million plan to meet the Macedon Ranges’ ageing needs. A significant portion of this is dedicated to redevelop the Gisborne Oaks aged care facility and establish a new village on the site.

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The Best Life Model of Care

The Best Life Model of Care aims to provide a more holistic and ‘home-like’ residential aged care experience and is all about enabling our residents to live their best life.

For Benetas there is no one size fits all approach to care. It is different for everyone and we continue to evolve our approach to best respond to our residents and ongoing research in the area both from external sources and our own.

The Best Life Model of Care is about adhering to a number of important principles that are centred on residents, their families and quality of life. These are:

  • Responding to individual needs and preferences: Ensuring individual preferences are listened to with dignity and respect. Choice is an essential ingredient for quality of life and living well and we manage risk alongside our residents to ensure they can live their best life.
  • A genuine care and interest in our residents and their families: Sincerely caring about our residents and looking at ways to improve their quality of life either through clinical care, social and emotional connection or spiritual support by way of the pastoral care program.
  • Meaningful connections: Providing the opportunity for real engagement with employees, other residents and the broader community. Allowing employees the time to get to know residents and spend time with them, not just time to complete the tasks that relate to their physical care.
  • A home first: Seeing the home as the residents’ home first and a Benetas workplace or care facility second. We strongly believe that we are guests in the residents’ homes.
  • Continuous improvement: Consistently evaluating our model of care, learning from every iteration and making adjustments where we see the opportunity to improve. We do this in the context of each home and the residents that live in that home as well as more broadly drawing on national, international and our own research.

At a practical level these principles filter down into recruitment, employee rosters, policies and procedures, training, the built form and fit-out, and review processes. For example we look for values such as empathy in the recruitment process, roster employees onto regular shifts so they get the chance to really know our residents, and conduct role play to help train employees to really engage with our residents.

Our homes are designed to feel more homely, whether through our newer homes with our fully functioning kitchens, dining rooms, reading nooks and coffee shops, or our older homes that provide a lightness, warmth and sincerity that our residents love.

The Best Life Model of Care aims to give residents and family members the best ageing experience possible. We want to ensure our residents are at the centre of everything we do and can decide what their own ageing experience looks like.


Wider developments in the Macedon Ranges

The $60 million planned investment in the region also includes expansion of allied health, community and home care services in the region, and an investment of $1.2 million in upgrading the Macedon Ranges Health’s facilities and infrastructure and refurbishment of Gisborne Oaks – all of which will be completed by March 2020.

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Project Updates

February 2020

Macedon Ranges Health Centre

Work is now complete on Level 3 of the MRH Centre on Neal Street.

February 2020

Refurbishment of The Oaks

Work is almost complete on upgrades to the Oaks, Grevillea, Acacia and the Elms

February 2020

Planning progress

After initial feedback, we have been adapting our designs