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Volunteering at Benetas

Volunteering at Benetas


Opportunities to volunteer

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Opportunities to Volunteer

Photo of Personal Care Worker

Personal Care Worker

Your care and compassion for our residents will be at the heart of everything you do.

Photo of Enrolled Nurse/Registered Nurse

Enrolled Nurse/Registered Nurse

You provide the highest quality of clinical support and guidance.


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People doing stuff

Meet our Volunteers

Photo of Mandy


Mandy. Next door neighbour. Best friend to Barb. Tower of strength.

Photo of Ray Wallace

Ray Wallace

Meet Ray... Ray Wallace. 78, widowed and staying independent.

Photo of Janene Henthorn

Janene Henthorn

Janene has been practicing nursing for over 30 years. Her welcoming and happy personality puts her patients at ease in all situations.

Photo of Louise Beer

Louise Beer

Registered Nurse

Louise has been supporting the Macedon Ranges community in Community Health since 1998. An outgoing, kind and generous professional, Louise has a wealth of knowledge across all areas of health and dedicate


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