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Virtual reality for residents at Gladswood Lodge

26th May 2020

Clint Newton, Lifestyle Coordinator at Gladswood Lodge, is always looking for new and interesting ways to keep residents entertained. Early in 2020 the team trialled virtual reality technology over a few sessions with residents.

Aussie company SilVR Adventures provides the immersive experiences, which they tailor to groups of seniors in aged care.

Clint picks up the story. “The crew from SilVR Adventures arrive with about 20 headsets and then we choose a country for residents to visit. If, for example, we are “virtually visiting” France, residents get the chance to “fly” over the Eiffel Tower and other tourist hot spots. For those residents who have visited these places in real life, it’s a lovely reminder, and for those who may never have had the chance, it’s a fantastic new experience,” says Clint.

“It’s early days for us with this technology, but our residents who have trialled it really enjoyed it. We’ve had good attendance at the virtual reality sessions and residents who’ve given it a go seem really astounded by it,” says Clint.

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Read more about SilVR Adventures here.