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The best way to prevent cervical cancer

16th September 2021

A new way for Cervical Screening

All women aged 25 to 74 should have a Cervical Screening Test (CST) every five years. This is the best way to reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

The test is an important way to protect yourself and look after your health. Even if you have been vaccinated against HPV you need to participate in regular screening.

The Pap test has recently changed

A self-collected Cervical Screening Test is when a woman can take her own test privately behind a screen or bathroom at a GP clinic or other health professional setting.

You may be eligible for self-collection if you:

  • are aged 30 and over, and
  • are overdue for a CST by two years, and
  • have said no to a CST from a health professional.

Not all women are eligible for a self-collected Cervical Screening Test so it is important that you speak to your health professional first.

When to screen

Women aged 25–74 will be due for their first CST two years after their last Pap test.

If it’s been more than two years, talk to your health professional about being screened.

After their first CST, women will only need to be tested every five years.

Women of any age who have symptoms such as unusual bleeding, discharge or pain should see their health care professional immediately, regardless of when they were last screened.

Make an appointment with Louise Beer at MRH for your Cervical Screening Test on 5428 0300.

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