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When talking to your loved one about home care

18th April 2018

As we age, our everyday routines and chores can become a struggle. At the same time, many are reluctant to admit that they need a hand – to others, and to themselves.

Some support, however minimal, can go a long way in making life easier for seniors, as well as giving their loved ones peace of mind.

We’ve put together four things to know to help you have what can be a difficult conversation.

1. Support services enable older people to stay at home for longer

According to research, recipients of home care services and social support have significantly delayed entry into permanent residential aged care home. Dr Mikaela Jorgensen from AIHI’s Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research said, “The more hours of home care services that people accessed, the lower their risk of entry into residential care.”

2. Seniors need to maintain social and community interactions

Comments like “we just don’t have time” or “getting to the club is too hard these days” shows a disconnect from their community. Maintaining these social and community ties, however, is important to one’s mental health and wellbeing. Let your loved one know that support services can help them keep or regain their sense of community connectedness.

3. Noticing the struggles of maintaining the house

Most people are proud of their homes and spend a lot of time and effort maintaining the garden, or ensuring the house is clean. For an older person, facing the prospect of having someone clean for them can be unsettling. Communicate this in a positive light by letting your loved one know that getting help with the housework is about supporting them to maintain a clean home, and they will be able to direct what and how things are cleaned.

4. Government funding is there to help

Most people aren’t aware that government funding can pay for most things to support older people to stay at home longer. There can be a wait time for package funding, and how quickly this funding is provided to you can depend on your care needs. There are other programs such as respite programs which can be accessed immediately under government funding (depending on your circumstances).

Talking to your loved one about home care services doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable conversation. It can be a positive one. Make sure your loved one knows that getting home care services isn’t about getting them ‘help’. Rather, it’s about broadening their support network. After all, no matter what our age, we can all benefit from some support.

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