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Trauma Teddy's made by Maria

7th December 2021

Benetas St Paul’s Terrace residential aged care home in Frankston is fortunate to have a couple of kind hearted toy makers in the home. Resident Maria Hollway has a knack for knitting and a compassionate heart as she has spent the last few weeks knitting Trauma Teddy’s for the children in Frankston Hospital Emergency Department.

Benetas carer Connie Chaffey said simple knitted teddies like these have been handed out to kids in hospital emergency departments for many years.

“Maria came up with the idea for the local Frankston Hospital so she knits each unique teddy and I help by stuffing and stitching them together,” she said.

“Maria loves making each individual teddy knowing it can offer a bit of comfort to an unwell little one.”

The teddies have now been happily received by Frankston Hospital and are ready for cuddles as soon as they are needed.