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Sharing the little moments that make a difference

22nd May 2020

Recently Residential Manager for Lovell House, Julie Probert, shared some lovely feedback with us which her and her team received from the son of one of their longer term residents.

“We work very hard to get to know all our residents, what they like to do and how they like to do it. Routine can be a real comfort for people. With this particular lady who has been in our care for about seven years, we know it’s important to keep her mobile and active, and we know she likes to eat at her own pace, which means she’s often in the dining room for longer than most others. Feeding herself, without being rushed, makes her happy and our staff don’t mind at all if she takes her time and finishes her meal when she’s ready.

“Recently this lady’s son commented to us that it made such a difference to his mum’s experience that we know her, and understand her preferences. He said that the care our team show his mum every day gives him great comfort, and he knows if there’s ever a problem with his mum, that we’ll call him straight away.

“This is such good feedback for me and my team and I always make sure I share it. Celebrating the good moments – the little ways for example that we’re helping make someone’s life better – is so important. It doesn’t matter whether those moments are small or large, but it does matter that they’re shared amongst the staff, so we all feel good about not just what we do, but how we do it.”

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