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Research confirms The Views in Heidelberg has been designed to deliver a better quality of life

19th June 2018

Recent research released by Flinders University found that residents living in smaller home-like clusters have a better quality of life and fewer hospital admissions. This model of care is integral to the soon to be opened The Views, a Benetas residential aged care facility in Heidelberg.

This is the first study to measure quality of life, medications, resource use and costs in a home-like, clustered domestic model of care (with a limited number of people of say 12-15) compared to a more standard model of care, with a focus on people living with dementia.

According to the study, residents living in home-like models of care had a 68% lower rate of being admitted to hospital, a 73% lower chance of an emergency department admission and 52% less likely to be prescribed potentially inappropriate medication.

Consumers also preferred the more home-like approach to care with residents and their family members rating access to the outdoors, flexibility in care, and quality of care as better in home-like models compared to standard models.

The Views at Heidelberg will provide aged care apartment-style living with only eight residents per apartment. Each apartment will have its own fully functioning kitchen, lounge and dining areas, and each resident will have access to their own private bedroom and ensuite.

With primary carers for each smaller resident group, caring is more personal and engaging, allowing more self-determination and choice for residents. The residents at The Views will have choice and control over their environment, allowing them to make their own decisions about their daily routine. The care focus has been shifted from task orientated to providing care around the individual resident, their needs and wants.

A Registered Nurse (RN) will also be available for clinical support at any time, day or night. In addition, Residents will be supported by visiting medical and healthcare specialists.

Features of The Views includes access to a café and sports bar, art and craft room, hairdressing salon, cinema and library lounge as well as a wellness centre. Each resident will also have the opportunity to participate in a lively activities program, if they choose.

The Views at Heidelberg is due to be open in October 2018.