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Scholarship Program 2019 Winners

17th December 2018

This year there was a very high standard of applications from across the organisation, and the Scholarship Committee (made up of Board, Executive and management representatives) were very impressed.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Scholarship program is:

Joanne Hunter, Corowa Court

edited 600.jpg

Joanne Hunter with Corowa Court Residential Manager, Sue Pangbourne

Joanne has been working at Benetas for the past six years as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse at Corowa Court and is currently studying a Bachelor of Dementia Care through the University of Tasmania. Joanne has a strong commitment to ensuring residents with dementia get the very best of care.

'I chose this course of study because Dementia is such a profound disease that affects so many people I care for…….. I believe this course will enhance my ability to better care for present and future residents……I look forward to sharing the knowledge and learning I will gain in this area with my colleagues – both at my site and across Benetas - to build greater capability in this critical area of need.'

Joanne will receive a $6000 Scholarship Award

In addition, the Scholarship Committee decided to award another applicant a partial scholarship due to the high quality of and support for the application:

Eshe Sathe, Colton Close

FB eshe.jpg

Eshe will receive a $3000 Scholarship Award

Eshe Sathe has been working at Benetas for over nine years as a Personal Care Worker at Colton Close, and commenced a Diploma of Nursing in February this year.

'I truly believe I will gain extensive skills from this course that will enable me to better understand the needs of the residents and provide a holistic approach to their care……I am committed to not only providing the best possible care to residents but also to sharing what I am learning from this course with my colleagues…'

Congratulations Joanne and Eshe!

And to all those who applied (and those that did not) we encourage you to apply next year!

Stay tuned next year for your opportunity to apply for the 2020 program.