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Dalkeith Hostel expansion to bring individualised care to Traralgon

27th February 2019

Dalkeith Hostel expansion is nearing completion with construction expected to be finalised in the coming weeks in preparation for fit-out to occur prior to residents moving in May 2019. A key feature of the Benetas aged care facility is an apartment style living arrangement, focused around residents and their ageing journey.

Benetas’ new approach takes into account how the care, environment and opportunities given, combine to create an individualised experience of ageing.

The industry leading model of care provides a more home-like environment and focuses on personalised care. This allows the individual more choice than ever before.

Each apartment will house approximately 8 residents who will share a living room, kitchen and dining area.

There will be a dedicated primary carer in each apartment, allowing for residents to build genuine connections with staff and increase their self-determination.

The expansion will create a number of communal areas available to all residents, including a café and sports bar, hairdresser, library, worship room and a range of lounges, courtyards and terraces - suitable for alfresco dining.

Dalkeith residents are eager to move into their new home with current resident, Mrs Meryle Connell most excited about the more personalised aspect of the facility.

“I feel very excited about the move into our new apartments, it is a positive time for all of us. It will be the best thing to happen for everyone, better for the Residents and Staff here at Dalkeith.”

“I would recommend anyone thinking about coming to Dalkeith for care should do it, to me it’s a lovely place and everything I could have dreamed of.”

Benetas’ General Manager Residential Services, Paula Trood, said all aspects of care are to be aligned with our person-centred model, where our residents are at the centre of everything we do.

“The new model provides them with an environment where they make the decisions on what their ageing experience will look like,” she said.

“This includes for example, what activities they would like to do and when, what time they get up in the morning and what time they eat.”

The project will be delivered in two stages. Shortly after the completed expansion works the existing building will have it’s own facelift.

The interior will undergo renovations to reflect the new model of care, similar refurbishments have been highly successful at a number of other Benetas residential sites.

The facility will be transformed into a home by specifically chosen furnishings to maximise comfort, ease and utility for both residents and staff.