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Benetas wins LASA award in Excellence

17th May 2017

Benetas is delighted to be announced as the winner of the Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) Victoria Excellence in People and Culture Award.

This award, presented at the LASA Victoria and Tasmania State Conference on Monday 15th May, recognises excellence and innovation across Victoria’s Aged Care industry. The awards celebrate significant contributions to the quality of life of older Victorians, while increasing public confidence and community involvement in the aged care sector.

Sandra Hills, CEO of Benetas, said that the award was an important recognition of the work the Benetas People Development and Diversity Team, and the Benetas Leadership Team do every day.

“We are delighted to have received this award, as without our ‘back of house’ systems and teams supporting our front line staff, we wouldn’t be able to provide the high level of care we do to older Victorians,” Ms Hills said.

“As part of our five year Strategic Plan, Towards 2019, we identified Organisational Development as one of the key tools to deliver on our vision. This included developing and implementing a workforce plan to respond to the workforce challenges facing the industry.

“We have spent the best part of the last five years really focusing on delivering the Benetas Workforce Plan, which drives specific improvements and developments in the work environment.

“This planning has enabled us to offer a holistic approach to employment, including our learning model, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, a focus on leadership and capability development, and a contemporary and proactive health and wellbeing agenda, amongst many others.

“Whilst the plan has been driven by the People, Development and Diversity Team, we have taken a whole of business approach to implementation. The plan simply cannot be delivered in isolation. All of the above elements have been owned by the Leadership Team, right across the business. This has resulted in a positive, sustainable change in culture that we have been able to measure in our staff engagement surveys.

“We are so proud of our commitment to our staff, who really are the backbone of our organization. So we are thrilled to receive this award,” Ms Hills said.